Albany Government Law Review Launches First Student-Written and Edited Law Blog in the Country

10/28/2008 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Date: 10/28/2008

The Albany Government Law Review has launched the Albany Government Law Review Fireplace (, which is the first student-written and edited law blog in the country and the first legal blog to engage in substantive law review-like legal analysis and academic speculation. Unlike the typical blog, which publishes quick, often stream-of-consciousness entries, the Fireplace will publish entries that resemble shorter versions of law review comments and include citations on recent developments in government law and policy.

Because the Fireplace is part of the Albany Government Law Review and a part of the larger Albany Law School community, the Fireplace retains an educational mission and aims to inform the lay reader, as well as local and state policymakers, on the possibilities within the law to improve government administration on all levels. The moderated comments section appearing after each post will afford readers the opportunity to offer their own critique and engage in a dialogue with Fireplace authors.

"The Fireplace aims to apply the traditional law review production model to collaborative internet publication with the goal of maximizing the potential of law review writing to be timely, relevant and progressive," said current Albany Government Law Review Executive Editor and Fireplace Chairperson Robert Magee. "It's an interesting fact that Albany Law School is home to the first law review in the world, the Albany Law School Journal, which was published from 1875-76, and it makes perfect sense for Albany Law School to be the home to the beginning of a new era of legal scholarship." 

Professor Patricia Salkin, the Associate Dean, the Raymond and Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law, and the Director of the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, and Professor Paul Finkelman, the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law & Public Policy, are the faculty advisors for the Government Law Review. Professor Salkin said, "I am proud of the caliber of the scholarship that the Albany Law Government Law Review has already produced, and I am confident that the Fireplace will provide another outlet for high quality work and challenging subject matter."