Judge Stein Featured Virtual Lecturer for Mercer Law's Environmental Series

Judge Stein Featured Virtual Lecturer

3/22/2006 | Facebook|Twitter|Email

Date: ​03/23/2006

Judge Eleanor Stein, visiting associate professor at Albany Law School, is a featured Virtual Guest Lecturer for Mercer University School of Law's environmental series-a virtual environmental law lecture series/discussion available via the Internet.

Judge Stein presents "Global Warming: Public Nuisance or Political Question? A Case Study of Connecticut v. American Electric Power", addressing the litigation charging that global warming constitutes a public nuisance. Included in this online lecture is her civil procedure curriculum built around this case-which she has taught for the past two years at Albany Law-as well as the lecture itself, in both a digital audio version and a readable format. Judge Stein will respond to questions or comments from students from all of the participating schools on a Web-based threaded discussion list. 

More than 30 law schools from around the globe have participated in the program since its 1998 inception.