President Andrews

President Andrews

Dean Andrews

​Welcome to Albany Law School. Since 1851 we have been perfecting the study of law. As a small, private law school, our entire focus is on you—preparing you to learn the law.

Located in the heart of the powerful capital of New York state, we are the only school within 90 miles of this vast laboratory for studying the law. Consequently there are more opportunities for hands-on learning than we have students—the assembly, the senate, the federal court, the state’s highest court, and a vibrant private sector all provide internships, summer positions and full-time employment. 

With 9,500 working alumni practicing in nearly every state in the country, our network is strong to help you launch and then advance your career.

I encourage you to visit our campus, meet our faculty and students, and experience the intimate environment of the oldest independent law school in the country. 

Penny Andrews

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