Staff Directory

Staff Directory

  • Abad, Marcos

    Web Editor, Marketing and Communications
  • Baggott, Kerry

    Administrative Assistant & Paralegal, Law Clinic & Justice Center
  • Bailly, Rose Mary K.

    Executive Director, NYS Law Revision Commission & Program Coordinator of the Aging Law Department, Government Law Center
  • Barnett-Mulligan, Patrick

    Pro Bono Coordinator, Student Affairs
  • Batson, Robert C.

    Government Lawyer in Residence, Government Law Center
  • Bell, Audrey

    First Tier Support Analyst, Information Technology Services
  • Bezona, Nicole

    Accounts Payable Bookkeeper, Business Office
  • Brewer, Fredd

    Executive Assistant, Student Affairs
  • Bryan, Mark E.

    Desktop Support Analyst, Information Technology Services
  • Cardillo, Darlene S.

    Instructional Technologist, Information Technology Services
  • Carroll, Kathleen

    Receptionist / Office Assistant, Law Clinic and Justice Center
  • Casey, Joanne M.

    Director of Career Services, Career Center
  • Castriota, Nadia

    Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions
  • Cervine, Salvadore

    Media Services Coordinator/Desktop Support Technician, Information Technology Services
  • Colbert, Theresa R.

    Faculty Legal Assistant, Academic Support Services
  • Collins, John M.

    Payroll Specialist / HR Assistant, Human Resources
  • Colton, Chris

    Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing and Communications
  • Conniff-Dineen, Elizabeth

    Government Documents Specialist, Schaffer Law Library
  • Cunningham, Leslie W.

    Catalog Librarian, Schaffer Law Library
  • Daniels, Lisa

    Human Resources Representative, Human Resources
  • DeJesus, Evette

    Faculty & Student Publications Legal Assistant, Academic Support Services
  • Donnelly, Sherri L.

    Director of Human Resources, Human Resources
  • Dorward, Samara A.

    Accounting Manager, Business Office
  • Dunn, Connie

    Career Services Assistant, Career Center
  • Ekland, Emily

    Associate Director, Government Law Center
  • Emery, Robert A.

    Reference Librarian, Schaffer Law Library
  • Finn, Giovannine

    Library Technical Assistant - Public Services/ILL Specialist, Schaffer Law Library
  • Fitzpatrick, Mary Walsh

    Assistant Dean for Career Services, Career Center
  • Fitzsimmons, Joann

    Assistant Dean and Registrar, Office of the Registrar
  • Gunnells, Amy

    Administrative Assistant, Government Law Center
  • Holland, Lynn

    Executive Assistant, Institutional Advancement
  • Iqbal, Saadia

    Collection Development and Management Librarian, Schaffer Law Library
  • Irizarry Brown, Andrea

    Assistant Director for Student Programs, Office of Student Affairs
  • Jordan-Smith, Barbara

    Executive Assistant to the Acting Dean, Dean's Office
  • Judge, Anne Marie

    Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement, Institutional Advancement
  • Kelly, Nancy

    Coordinator of Donor Stewardship, Institutional Advancement
  • Kenny, John

    Reference Librarian, Schaffer Law Library
  • Kroez, Jennifer

    Coordinator of Advancement Information Management, Office of Development
  • LaPlante, Brian E.

    Director, Office of Facilities and Administrative Services
  • Lasher-Rohling, Gerry A.

    Associate Director of Enterprise Information Systems, Information Technology Services
  • Law, Laurie

    Assistant Registrar, Registrar, Financial Aid, and Business Office
  • Lescak, Allen

    Legal Supplementation Services Specialist, Schaffer Law Library
  • Mabee, Melanie

    Library Technical Assistant- Acquisitions Specialist
  • Mary Armistead

    Immigration Law Clinic Fellow - Law Clinic and Justice Center
  • McNamee, Briana

    Associate Director of Alumni Relations and Institutional Events, Institutional Advancement
  • Meyer, Sherri A.

    Legal Assistant for Faculty
  • Monforte, Michele A.

    Publications Editor, Government Law Center
  • Morrissey, Morgan

    Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Office of Development
  • Murphy, Rebecca Z.

    Technical Services Librarian, Schaffer Law Library
  • Nohai, Suzi

    Administrative Assistant/Paralegal, Law Clinic & Justice Center
  • Obie, Maureen

    Coordinator of the Citizens’ Police Review Board, Government Law Center
  • O'Byrne, Colleen

    Associate Director, Career Center
  • O'Donnell Goldsmith, Jean M.

    Library Technical Assistant- Continuations/Serials Specialist, Schaffer Law Library
  • Page, Emily

    Barry A. Gold Health Law Fellow- Law Clinic and Justice Center
  • Paul Sautter-Walker

    Post-Graduate Fellow- Government Law Center
  • Perry, Melissa

    Postgraduate Fellow in Racing and Gaming Law, Government Law Center
  • Pierce, Julie

    Print Shop/Mailroom Operator/Accounts Payable Bookkeeper
  • Rauscher, Victor E.

    Vice President for Finance & Business
  • Rawlins, Rosetta

    Administrative Assistant/Paralegal, Law Clinic & Justice Center
  • Rivage, Lisa M.

    GLC Program Administrator, Institute of Legal Studies
  • Roepe, Eileen

    Administrative Assistant/Paralegal, Law Clinic & Justice Center
  • Singer, David

    Director of Communications & Marketing, Office of Communications
  • Smith, Colleen E.

    Interim Director, Schaffer Law Library
  • Sprague, Laura

    Associate Director of Admissions, Office of Admissions
  • Springsteen, John C.

    Facilities/Administrative Services Assistant, Office of Administrative Services
  • Stevens, Laurie A.

    Coordinator of Administrative Services, Office of Administrative Services
  • Suto, Lisa

    Library Technical Assistant- Public Services/Collection Maintenance Specialist, Schaffer Law Library
  • Tromblee, Jennifer M.

    Administrative Assistant/Paralegal, Law Clinic & Justice Center
  • Van Guysling, Patricia

    Staff Accountant, Business Office
  • Wager, Meg

    Assistant Director, Employer Relations, Career Center
  • Wedler, Andrea

    Director of Financial Aid, Office of Financial Aid
  • Weinman, Tammy L.

    Director of Alumni Affairs and Special Events, Institutional Advancement
  • Wilkins, Pershia M.

    Assistant Director of Admissions; Director of Multicultural Initiatives, Office of Admissions